Visual Thinking for Business - Make Your Point

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Doodle on the Phone or in Your Next Meeting

Now it is your turn to doodle!
So the next time you are in a meeting, at a conference or presentation, on the phone or in the train - take your sketchbook, take a pencil and just start drawing and see where your pen takes you.

No idea what to draw?

Start with the first word you hear, the first object you see when you look up from your sketchbook, the first thing that comes to your mind. Here are some videos that show you how easy it is!

It is not about drawing perfectly, but about training your hand-mind connection.

Have fun and show us your exciting doodles! (Remember to take a photo or scan them before uploading them in your journal!)


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I loved this exercise!

It took me really long to start this exercise, but I knew It was worth the wait. I just was not feeling in the mood, but I started anyway.

I love the results, I decided to use doodling to design a concept, at first I was just focusing on drawing, and the inspiration showed up, I got what I wanted and the result I got really pleases me.

Maybe you will think this is just random drawings in a page, but for me it makes so much sense.

enter image description here

I will do this more often!


Great that you could use it! and it shows very good structure overall! Hope you will able to use it continuously in the future!

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