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Digital Marketing – Strategies & Channels

prudencio Gonzalez
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»We currently don't have much videos but the goal here is to have how-to videos and unboxing videos...we would like to get traffic to promote the brand and specifically the brand target user.

Video is critical in today´s digital marketing world. How are you doing?

prudencio Gonzalez, 17 May 17

»Definitely is a very complete course that provides the proper tools and understanding for those who don't have the expertise.

What are you taking away from this course?

prudencio Gonzalez, 17 May 17

»Google trends is one of the many tools that we could implement. Specially knowing which are these new trends and where they are headed to.

It´s time for ... tools!

prudencio Gonzalez, 10 May 17

»Evaluate your mobile behavior as a consumer Definitely everything is moving towards mobile devices as people are carrying them everywhere and with all of there personal information in it. For …

Mobile, mobile, mobile

prudencio Gonzalez, 09 May 17

»It is critical that we identify the right influencers for our B+D products. Each country in the region will most likely be impacted differently by 1 influencer rather than having local influen…

The external sales force

prudencio Gonzalez, 09 May 17

»So Sorytelling is a powerful tool for the B+D brand. With this concept we can create this stories that will make the users connect to the product and to the projects that they will be able to …

Are you a story teller?

prudencio Gonzalez, 09 May 17