Thinking Complexity

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Finding an archetype at work in a complex situation

This exercise will help you practice identifyng and drawing a systemic structure using an appropriate archetype.
Cainiao Network, the logistics affiliate of Alibaba Group Holding recently received an investment of 1 billion yuan in anticipation of the surge in parcel delivery in China and to make up for its shortcomings in logistics compared to competitors. Can you see a systems archetype at work here? Wan you draw it?

Hint: You need to find a similar story. You can use the archetype tree from the previous unit as well as the document "10 archetypal systems structures" in the additional materials to help.

Assignment - Archetypes


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According to this article, the competition in the expressdelivery market is fierce. So, again according to the article, companies seek new funding everywhere for expansions into China's untapped places.

In my opinion, this is an example of success to successful since Success to the successful two entities are in competition for a limited resource. The limited resource in this case are the regions that companies can expand throughout.

enter image description hereBesides, in consonance with the definition, as one company is more successful, it can consume more of the resource at the other’s expense.

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