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»New Successes: I completed a few more e-learning's on general topics and webinars specifically related to the up and coming autonomous vehicle. New Challenges: I seem to be a person that read…

Reflect your Story, Part 2!

Pierre Robert Dieperink, 13 May 16

»Online training lacks the practical aspect, which is crucial in our industry. Some MOOC's discussing electronics will use electronic development tools to supplement the theory i.e. build a v…

Future Corporate Digital Learning

Pierre Robert Dieperink, 12 May 16

»5 Questions before e-learning starts: This is based on a technical e-learning LMS for dealer service technicians in order to achieve a certain level of competency to enable them to effectivel…

5 Questions before e-learning starts

Pierre Robert Dieperink, 01 Apr 16

»Our department uses and I have developed/given webinars about technical subjects to technicians. We also use WBT with animations, text and classroom courses (blended learning). With new model …

Successes, challenges, learnings and recommendations of my digital learning experiances

Pierre Robert Dieperink, 09 Mar 16

»I personally can now read (use TEXT) to learn new concepts. But the only reason I can do that is because I previously used video, pictures and animations to grasp technical concepts better. …

VIDEO vs. TEXT vs. PODCAST - What's Your Opinion? How Does it Change Your Learning and Which Do You Prefer?

Pierre Robert Dieperink, 08 Mar 16

»We use digital learning as a prerequisite for attending most practical classroom course. It should theoretically give the technicians the time to get their minds focussed on the topic and be i…

Mr. Pierre Robert Dieperink

Pierre Robert Dieperink, 07 Mar 16