Corporate Digital Learning

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Digital learning


I have now taken part of 5 MOOC's from Iversity of different topics and also with very different material offered, videos, pdf, animated videos and combination text and video lecture. In my private life I study riding digitally something I wouldn't believie in before I started.
One lesson a week and then you practise on your own horse. In my daily work I have made own training videos for youtube. About 10 years ago we had training material for our customers on the web already!

I love the freedom of digital learning, I do it when I have time. A combination of reading and instruction videos or lectures is fine for me. I see the possibilities also for me as a lecturer to prepare and give courses online instead of travelling.

Material given per lesson must not be too long and complicated. Much better make small sessions.

There are much more than videobased lectures!

Have an open mind to all new possibilties!

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