Why Do People Migrate? Part 2: Theories

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Read carefully this chapter. You will find a summary of the main migration theories and some criticism to the current state of the art.

Do you agree with the author that we should have one unifying theory of migration? What would be the pros and cons of going that way?

Write your opinion in your journal! and don't forget that you can also look what others' have written in their journal and give your comments.

Unifying theory of migration

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Yes, I agree with the author that we should develop one unifying theory about migration. It is habit in science to define words, situations as precise as possible, and leaves enough room for other expressions, which are also accurate.
Collecting material and summing it up is an interesting part of science, and makes things and situations often more obvious.
Structuring problems often is half the work to the solution.
Discussion rounds will still bring people together and exchange their experiences.
it might also be, that some people might be dissappointed about the empathy people have for their situations, but seeing that there are plenty in similar situations can bring these together in a group and they can develop quicker and easier appropriate help.
"Noone invents a bike anew these days, they only develop it forward and adopt it for their own purposes, but it is still a bike."


almost 4 years ago

Florence Nightingale was improving the medical sector during the Turkey War.
She saw, how much more effective the military people were organizing their work and started to catalogize medicaments and treatments appropriately to alphabeth and situation.
It is not annoying that the doctor says for this you need this at all. Help is supplied quick and efficiently. as most people tend to want to be healthy again soon.

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