Why Do People Migrate? Part 1: Facts

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This article from The Economist puts the finger on the painful question of the "economic cost" of hosting refugees.
Read the article and comment on the European experiences in this respect in your journal.
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Worries about immigrants

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Of course there is the public discussion, what might be the consequence for us, our society, as there are coming millions of immigrants.
For the work market, I want to comment, that low wages are abandoned here in Germany, everyone is warrentied minimum wages, for more one has to discuss. We also used to have problems with housewives or job returners, who would have worked for literally nothing, just to get out of the house, or underneath the minimum wage. It was always a fight to get a better salary, you have to work on it yourself is the common habit.
My experience with the job market is that they want to see how sustainable you work, how long you want to stay in a job, how you handle problems and gradually your situation improves, but in a solid way. Noone gets a better situation with just mocking around.
How to finance and organize the 8m people extra here in Germany is the biggest thrill, they are quickly taught German and have to do practicals and even on low job situations, lower than at home, but when you explain, they ran away once, they have to approve they want to stay, they do not get important jobs, yet, they do not get credit yet, they show insight and join the "game".
I am still annoyed, when companies tend to say, they'd rather employ a refugee, male, than a same qualified woman. But that might also be the fight to approve one is worth it.
Better situations are not for granted here!


over 2 years ago

What I personally worry about, is what I experienced with some tutoring children. They are islamistic and they worry to be sick some day. Sick people are often not treated there, as they do not have a care system. Not even for old people.
They wonder why Germany is such a rich country, why we have so much more work. But when I tell them, that the health sector makes up to 70% employees these days, they show insight.
But still their attitude differs a lot.

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