Why Do People Migrate? Part 1: Facts

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`Start by reading this article and discuss in your journal how current official definitions of "migrants", "refugees" and "asylum seekers" are challenged by the on-going migration crisis at the South-East borders of Europe.

You can also see Unit 2.1 for more information about irregular migration in Mediterranean region, Unit 2.2 about EU norms on asylum seeking, and Unit 2.3 on the case of Syrian refugees.

Don't forget to have a look to what others have done in their journals!



Migrants (Oxford definition)
Person, who moves from one place to another to find work or better living conditions.

Refugees (Oxford definition)
A person, who has been forced to leave the country by war, persecution or natural disaster.

Asylum seekers (Oxford definition)
A person who has left their home country for political reasons to ask/seek for asylum in another country.

That means it is differed if the person comes relatively voluntarily, eg to learn skills somewhere and cultivate them again in their home country, or a forced situation. Forced is differed in eternal forces and internal (attitude/ convincements) forces.

Eg the situation in the mediterreans is most of them refugees these days. A lot of early immigrants are more likely to be asylum seekers for political reasons.

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