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Digital Marketing – Critical Success Factors

Peter Siew Weng Ng
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»Awareness Feeling- After using my car more than 15 years, I felt I wanted a new car Trigger-The car had more breakdown which triggered my desire to purchase a new car Research Feeling-I was…

Customer Journey of buying a car

Peter Siew Weng Ng, 10 May 17

»My favorite brand is Apple. I think Apple WHY are innovation and simplicity. I always think of myself as a early adopter, I always like the latest gadget and technology since young. And I like…


Peter Siew Weng Ng, 20 Dec 16

»I am organizing a series of customers shop front roadshows whereby we set up tents to showcase our range of products to help our customer to sell our products to their end-users. The objectiv…

Customers Shop Front Roadshows

Peter Siew Weng Ng, 20 Dec 16

»I have been using ad blocker since I first got my internet line, due to the fact that I think that by watching the advertisements cost me money and time as I need to pay for my monthly interne…

The evolving Digital Frontier.

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Peter Siew Weng Ng, 25 Nov 16