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Successes - Challenges - Learnings - Recommendations

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Emloyed scribbled animations for marketing of training modules.
Privately enjoy podcasts - if they provide an interactive scenario (2+ people in a conversation).

among others... lack of incentive for (some) Learning Departments to take on-the-job development into account in designing a robust program.
... as well as bridging the gap between traditional classroom training providers and eLearning providers in order to offer a solution that is effectively combining both worlds.

To take efforts for maintenance, change requests and a realistic lifecycle into account when calculating the business case and comparing Learning Types.

See "Learnings", and most importantly..
Start with a really good Training Needs Analysis. What is the Performance problem? Is learning the adequate solution? Who needs to learn what therefore? How to trigger this specific learning the most effectively?
Then combine Learning Types cleverly, use what is existing and take on-the-Job into account.
If your culture allows for it - let your participants co-create and offer room for content curation.


almost 3 years ago

involving your participants in the development process is a great idea, thank you for pointing this out here. I do the same especially in the prototyping and testing phases.

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