Monitoring Smart Specialisation Strategies

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We’d love to get to know you.

Please take a few moments to tell us and other participants about yourself. What brings you to this course?

We invite you to read other participants' answers and get to know one other.

To know us better ...

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My name is Pavlos Kourtidis and I am Physics Teacher with a Master degree (Adult Education).
From September 2012 I serve as Head of Laboratory Centre of Science (LCS) at Northern Greece (Xanthi) a supporting agency of Secondary School Education of the Greek Ministry of Education.
Nature of my duties are:
- Detecting training and learning needs
- Continuing training of Secondary Education Teachers (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology)
- Continuing training of Primary Education Teachers
- Providing and lending laboratory equipment and appliances to School Units
- The implementation of annual mandatory laboratory exercises

When I undertook duties, to become functional and effective, I made below:
-Organizing, recording, registering of all materials, equipment, appliances, chemical substances, books etc.
-Creation of database and import of all elements that was counted
-Repair or withdraw (recycling or destruction where was feasible) materials
-Labeling of space (for dangerous substances, safety, navigation map direc tives of behavior, safety labels of electricity of heat insulation, First Aid Handbook, space accessible in special needs and suitably shaped)
-Demand from all schools for online recording of their materials and connect with mother database of LCS
-Creation of 100 portable parcels of laboratories for lending
-Drawing of circular annual report to guarantee the quality of services


Welcome Pavlos, hope you find the course useful!

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