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Chapter 1 Journal Activity

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Stonehenge in it's landscape - Chapter 1


To our modern mindset, with designated areas set aside as places of worship, the notion of Stonehenge as somehow related, or expanding upon, its surroundings would seem for some a foreign idea. However, those who built Stonehenge would have lived more in relation to their landscape, been more directly dependent on that landscape, and thus monuments such as Stonehenge would have to, therefore, have reflected this interconnectedness.

As I've learned more about Stonehenge, it is the hints of its interconnectedness to the landscape itself that intrigue me. It for me begs the question, why there? And, what makes a particular place more sacred, or more special, than another?

In the little village within a city where I live we have an area that has come to be called "The Green". Upon one portion of the space sits a heritage building called The Normal School, which was built in 1897. The area is a focus for festivals, for playing with your dog, and brings together a diverse community. I would imagine Stonehenge and its landscape would have served much the same purpose, and strengthened the community it served in much the same way.

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