Corporate Digital Learning

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My current digital learning experiences


Our organisation is currently doing a proof of concept study for digital learning and particular solutions. We use e-learning extensively and more recently have started to implement a blended learning approach with more pre-reading, videos etc as a positioning tool for face 2 face.

I think the biggest challenge is enabling that "tacit"knowledge to be captured and shared. To enable greater geographic reach (global) and sharing of knowledge in smaller bite size pieces that people are motivated to access and not mandated to do.

What I learned is that the thinking going on in our organisation is headed in the right direction but moves too slowly.

Maintain an open mind on the possibilities and be ready and eager to acquire new ideas and approaches from this course and beyond it.

When I speak to my colleagues about the future state of our digital learning platform I use the analogy of floodlights where the light globes are the learning pieces which can be screwed in or removed quickly and easily when a globe needs replacing. It is a knowledge bank that people can contribute to quickly and easily, especially to catch that deep knowledge that is in people's heads for the benefit of others.

I see digital learning having a powerful impact on areas such as on-boarding, product learning, industry regulations, changes that have happened and changes on the horizon - why do always have to wait for change to occur before we start understanding or having awareness of the implications. What worked for our customers and what didn't. Moving from a past and present state of knowledge to and now and in the future knowledge state - always looking ahead and learning from the past.

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