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Chapter 1 Journal Activity

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Stonehenge and the Stonehenge Landscape (1)


The Stonehenge landscape is clearly an important area of study. The landscape was chosen by Neolithic man as the place to build a henge and subsequently to build a stone circle within the henge and by modification over a long period of time to end up with what we know today as Stonehenge.
The Stonehenge landscape has revealed may exciting and challenging finds over the years, yielding ever more pieces of a puzzle that has no known picture to follow and an unknown number of pieces to collect.
As with any puzzle there is a danger of filling in the gaps with educated guesswork, carrying the risk of the imposition of modern values onto a pre historic era. Experimental archaeology plays an important role in explaining possible life styles and activities which can be expanded as each new discovery is uncovered, it cannot at this stage however become definitive while there is so much more to learn.
We may never know for certain why our ancestors chose this particular site, or indeed why it was built at all and for what purpose if any, although various theories are plentiful. Was it built to predict the movement of the sun and moon and thereby to predict the planting and harvesting of crops? Was it built as a temple to some mythical deity or indeed as a monument to the ancestors. As far out as it may seem it may even have been built as a tribute and apology to the great aurochs made extinct by the hunting activities of earlier man.

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