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Chapter 4 Journal Activity

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Culural Stonehenge


I am not sure that British culture has been influenced by Stonehenge, although many have been personally influenced, Its a very British thing to need to know its there without having to always see it, however if its existence is threatened we will all rise up to defend it. The British phsychy needs Stonehenge probably because it "is" our history and we are all part of the story, we are all Neolithic, we have just forgotten how to use stone as well as our ancestors did.
I think the true cultural influence has been on our friends from overseas which is probably why the vast majority of visitors are not from these shores. It would be interesting to discover what draws them to the stones and to ask if they also visit the landscape. Sadly any such survey would be completely skewed by the fact that so many are on tight scheduled coach trips.


almost 2 years ago

Many countries have an iconic landmark - like the one for my country is Uluru, aka Ayers Rock. It's a bucket list item?
As far as conducting a survey, get the tour operators to do it. They could also include the landscape visit question too which would help both parties as far as where to take the tourists on the operator's side and educating the masses on the researchers side.
Just a thought :-)


almost 2 years ago

Having visited Uluru and the Olga's some years ago I fully understand what you are saying and I do agree with you Chris.
I like your idea regarding the tour operators offering the landscape as an option and getting them to ask the question in survey format on the coach. I will inform EH and see what they say, hell I may even offer the tour myself :-)
Cheers Chris

almost 2 years ago

There is currently discussion about some more landscape tours at Stonehenge and there are the occassional ones already, though they are promoted, I feel, amongst those who know they want to know, if you get my meaning! With EH being newer in it's current format, it is still developing and the landscape is owned by National Trust, not EH. The two are working together to improve the overall 'visitor experience'. I would hope that they would be open to suggestions, though being just a volunteer there, I have no sway. Funds are always necessary with the wear and tear to the land and facilities that a popular place endures - Uluru would doubtless experience the same, so the extra money from landscape tours should be welcomed!

almost 2 years ago

Hi Flo
I think the landscape will become more and more important in time as the backstory develops and who knows they may even re introduce the Aurochs again once they re engineer them :-)
Only kidding on the last part, apparently they were quite aggressive :-)

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