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Feedback round on concept notes of local workshops

Dear all,

Many thanks to those who have already submitted their concept notes. Please post your concepts here as a journal assignment and refer to the following list for the feedback round. Those who have already posted their concepts in their journal, please re-post them here as a journal assignment (that's necessary to keep track of the posts):
• Kevin comments on Helen’s concept
• Helen comments on Katerine’s concept
• Katerine comments on Alain’s concept
• Alain comments on Baba’s and James’ concept
• Baba and James comment on Kevin’s concept

• Patricia comments on Tilak’s concept
• Tilak comments on Daniel’s and Andy’s concept
• Daniel and Andy comment on Patricia’s concept

Guidance for commenting on the concepts:
Please comment on your peer's concepts keeping the following points in mind:
1) Is anything in the concept unclear to you? How could it be improved?
2) What did you find inspiring in the concept? What would you consider taking as an inspiration for your own workshop?

Please post your concepts here until latest 27 January and submit your comment to your peer's concept until 1 February.
In parallel to the peer-review, you will receive individual feedback from Frank and me until 1 February.

Thanks and best regards,

GLU MOOC Concept Note: Canada -- By Patricia Chong (DRAFT)


GLU MOOC Concept Note: Canada
By Patricia Chong

Note: I currently live in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada but my MOOC promotion and workshop will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The reasons for this are the following:
1) Toronto has a significantly larger population than Yellowknife.
2) Most of my union contacts and networks are based in Toronto rather than Yellowknife.

I may also not be living in Toronto when the MOOC actually occurs but most of the promotion will be done virtually (e.g. email, phone) and I will work with union staff to organize MOOC participants to be part of a relevant pre-existing face-to-face event.

Promotion Work Plan:

Rather than do a generalized outreach / promotion campaign, I will focus on trade unionists for this MOOC ‘cycle’ in Toronto with the hopes that the participants will then spread the word about the course for the next cycle within their unions and personal networks. I will connect with my personal contacts at each of the relevant organizations to promote the MOOC.

• National Scale: Work with the Canadian Labour Congress Ontario Representatives I know to promote MOOC at their respective labour councils (Toronto and beyond), their email blasts, webpage, put posters up in their office, newsletters, etc.

• Regional Scale: Work with Ontario Federation of Labour representatives I know to promote MOOC amongst their Executive Board who are representatives from various affiliate unions, email blasts, webpage, posters in their building where many affiliates have an office

• Local Scale: Work with Toronto and York Region Labour Council to promote MOOC amongst the Executive Board members I know who will share information with their respective unions, include information in monthly email blast and newsletter

• Use of Facebook, etc.


Link MOOC workshop with any relevant events organized by the Ontario Federation of Labour or the Toronto and York Region Labour Council. There are various events that occur that would be relevant to MOOC participants.

(Note: I have already confirmed that the Canadian Labour Congress is not hosting any events during the MOOC period in Toronto.)

Timeline: I will begin promotion of the MOOC as soon
as I receive feedback from the other MOOC tutors AND receive confirmation from Tandiwe Gross and Frank Hoffer (ILO) that me not actually facilitating the workshop is okay.


almost 3 years ago

Patricia, your initial point on reasons for organising the workshop in Ontario sounds fantastic. On promotion, the relevant organisations you have mentioned also sounds great.
On the workshop, I was thinking you could identify an issue even before the MOOC starts so that it will guide your preparations and give us the opportunity to also make suggestions.

Thank you

almost 3 years ago

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, your point about identifying an issue for the workshop before the MOOC begins makes sense. On that note, I'm currently trying to find out about the LabourStart Conference happening in Toronto and if we can officially link the MOOC with it. If so, I'll try to see which LabourStart workshop works best in terms of matching MOOC content :)

almost 3 years ago


Good promotion plan. On the workshop, I would suggest taking a look at Helen's note. She lays out some really good workshop activity formats which you could reference (as I have!) for your own plan. The key for you, of course, is identifying a narrow enough topic to make the workshop discussion productive.

almost 3 years ago

Hi Kevin,

Yes, definitely having a topic that is both relevant and specific enough to facilitate workshop discussion is important. I will check out Helen's post.

At this point, I'm waiting to hear back from the organizers of the LabourStart conference to see what their workshop topics are and whether they are open to working with us regarding the MOOC.

Thanks for the feedback :)

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