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Chapter 4 Journal Activity



For me the paintings and sketching’s of Stonehenge are the most obvious and accessible aspect of the monument and surrounding landscape and it is fascinating to see the different approaches and techniques the artists use to impart their impression of the stones.
However, when I think of the examples we been given to look at, read and listen to I am aware that they all have one thing in common, they tend to portray the stones in a rather sombre way. Maybe this is because we see them in grassland, cropped by sheep and with little colour other than green. I remember some years ago being part of a group looking at pre-historic sites in a part of Salisbury Plain which is normally off-limits to civilians (we had an army guide!) and being amazed at the beautiful wild-flower meadows surrounding us. Having said that I suppose it would have been a fairly barren landscape at the time it was in use with probably/possibly large groups of people gathering there and certainly when major renovations were taking place to re-site the stones.

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