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»1 Learning Objectives and Standards include: -identify the desired results - gain the knowledge and confidence to manage a project from beginning to end -identify the different stages involved…

Project Management#helpmartina

osato efeovbokhan, 09 Apr 16

»SUCCESSES: responsibility discovery of when and where to learn keeping up with technological changes and advancements. CHALLENGES: busy schedules time management costs LEARNING: social learnin…


osato efeovbokhan, 08 Mar 16

»so far.. the different materials change my learning and course experience because i personally was able to learn from different aspects that were very educational.. But i prefer the teamvideo …


osato efeovbokhan, 08 Mar 16

»it seems that everyone is running short on time. There aren't enough hours in the day, and there isn't any room in the schedule for learning, Many people are hesitant to take a digital learnin…

Busy Schedules(#140characterchallenge)

osato efeovbokhan, 08 Mar 16