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An e-learning solution can avoid these issues. E-learning is not limited by geographic location, and it allows learners to set their own schedules for completing the training, significantly reducing the negative effect on productivity. As new employees are hired, they can complete the training at their own pace as well, so it isn’t necessary to regularly schedule an expensive instructor. Plus, if employees require a refresher course on the new policies, procedures, equipment, or software, they can go through the course again. Whether they are learning about a new procedure that is being implemented for the company, being trained on a new piece of manufacturing equipment, or simply acclimating themselves to a new HR software solution, they have easy access to instruction.
Employees and management are often resistant to change, and it can be difficult to engage e-learners if the program is set up poorly; however, each of these obstacles can be overcome if you recognize and account for them early on. So what are some common challenges and obstacles when it comes to implementing an e-learning program?
While most workers today have at least some familiarity with technology, some still struggle with more complex systems. Fortunately, many e-learning solutions are adaptable, so it may be appropriate to provide a simple interface when the content material itself is simple. Technical help, in the form of auto-help buttons, live chats, emails, discussion forums, or e-learning tutors can also do a lot in making such programs accessible to even the most technologically challenged workers.
The hardest part of implementing an e-learning solution comes right at the start, but the challenge often diminishes with time as the company becomes used to it. Not only that, the benefits can far outweigh the problems. By putting in the effort and investment at the beginning, you can build a strong e-learning company that will aid your workforce as it grows for years to come.

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