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asking for solidarity with Ukrainian transport workers


dear participants of the course,

my question is not directly related to the course, but maybe you can find 5 minutes to express solidarity with Ukrainian transport workers struggle for their rights. you can send a letter of support (there is a ready template)

"In April 2016 workers of the state-owned ​transport enterprise Kyivpastrans ​formed an independent union to fight against violations of safety standards ​in the Kurenivske trolley bus depot​. The administration responded with ​a refusal to recognise the union, ​pressure​, threats and intimidation of the members of the union​, which is affiliated to the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine (KVPU)​. Union members were blackmailed, deprived of their bonuses, suspended​ from the job, evicted from the company-provided housing, and physically ​attacked.​ ​
Help protect the independent union at Kyivpastrans ​b​y sending a message to the mayor of Kyiv​."

sorry again, for my intervention,

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