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EU projects in your region or in your country

Search from the project databases and write the names and a short description of 3 projects financed by the EU in your region or in your country:

EU Projets in Portugali - Center Region


1- CENTRO BIO: Bio-based growth for rural economies / 2 -New equipment to boost jobs and spark innovation / 3-Organic fungicide brings benefits to the environment

1- Researchers and businesses in Portugal are piloting a smart, circular economy for rural areas. A biorefinery, biotech research, SME support and training for students are driving the change.
2-Portugal’s leading supplier of industrial gases aims to expand business and become more competitive, by modernising factory equipment at its main site in Estarreja. The project is part supported by the EU and is mainly designed to have a positive impact on local skilled jobs.
3-A Portuguese bio-tech company which specialises in organic products for the agriculture sector has launched the world’s first organic fungicide to be made from naturally-occurring proteins.

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