Corporate Digital Learning

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»I’d use the following main principles of gamification to stimulate Martina’s learning: Give her badges. No way, just kidding:) I'd do this instead: Clear objectives of the current course I…

Gamification for Martina

Nikolay Komarov, 01 Apr 16

»I think it’s the moment when the company needs to demonstrate the change, encourage the desired behaviour by showing it off. I would: announce the culture change via internal marketing campa…

Creating a Culture of Learning for Martina

Nikolay Komarov, 18 Mar 16

»1) What do you want/expect Martina to learn? By the end of the course Martina delegates tasks to her subordinates and effectively communicates with management. 2) How will you know and make s…

Martina's training

Nikolay Komarov, 17 Mar 16

Road signs towards a digital learning strategy

Nikolay Komarov, 16 Mar 16

»Successes There’s two types of digital learning I’ve been experiencing lately: 1. Corporate learning. It’s a passive, consumption oriented learning. Personal learning. MOOCs like course…

Initial thoughts on digital learning

Nikolay Komarov, 11 Mar 16