New Business Models – Working Together on Value Creation

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Conditional involvement:

  • Design thinker
  • Sustainability expert
  • Innovation expert and trendwatcher
  • Theatre expert
  • Coaching for change expert
  • Change management expert
  • Non-violent communication expert
  • Facilitator for group activities


  • Researchers in field of transformation
  • Marketing expert
  • Financial expert
  • Legal expert
  • Interior decoration expert
  • Community of extra experts as mentioned above

Nice bonus:

  • Famous people to join our team
  • Food expert



  • Financial: income for all team members
  • Stuff: laptop, car (shared), paper, pens, whiteboard and markers
  • Time: 4 days a week max (3,5 preferably)
  • Personal development: room to study and learn
  • Accommodation: for now free
  • Distribution channel…
  • Promotion: social media and word of mouth.


  • Using 5 products/services with the team (also incompany)
  • Analyse companies, empathize with client and get to know their environment
  • Define a strategy or design experiment
  • Brainstorm for solutions
  • Prototype and test and go into the client’s environment again.

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