New Business Models – Working Together on Value Creation

WeReMake: Who How and What


Conditional involvement:
- Upcycling Designers and Inventors
- Suppliers of used materials
- Community leader/facilitator
- Workshop leaders on upcycling
- Facilitator and organizer for group activities
- Lab/atelier/workshop owners, people who would want to share tools and machines
- Instructors, people who want to share how things are made (in a sustainable manner)

- Marketing expert
- Financial expert
- Webmaster
- Investors for new development of instruments that may improve performance of the platform online and offline.

Nice bonus:
- Buyers of Upcycled design
- Enthusiasts: word of mouth

- Financial: some income for all team members
- Stuff: laptop, car (shared), paper, pens, whiteboard and markers
- Time: 4 days a week max (3,5 preferably)
- Personal development: room to study and learn
- Accommodation: for now free like Seats2Meet social friday or at peoples home or atelier.
- Distribution channel via and also labs/ateliers
- Promotion: social media and word of mouth. Events like Eindhoven Maker Faire

Webplatform with
- webshops, design and used materials
- DIY: how to do upcycling wisely, sharing experience and knowledge
- Map: where can I find local designers and materials? Where to find the space and tools to upcycle?
- Blog: keep everybody updated

- Workshops on upcycling like on Eindhoven Maker Faire
- Gatherings/events to expand our community
- A variety of ateliers/workshops/labs throughout different cities/villages.
- Appoint somebody without a job, but really handy as somebody to facilitate in this area.
- A point to borrow or use tools and machines
- Connect to 3D printing companies
- Make a social logistics network/app to
- Develop a wasteapp and the newest technology will bring the community even closer to becoming a success.

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