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WeReMake initial idea

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WeReMake is a community dedicated to upcycling.
It consists of a digital platform where upcycling designers sell their designs, where people can sell or give away their waste. You can find everybody on a map, so you can easily see what's in your neighbourhood. Further there is a DIY section, where people can find tips & tricks on how to make stuff from waste themselves. A blog keeps the community posted.

On the physical level we organise different workshops and go for instance to the maker faire, where people can see the work of the upcycling designers and see and try out for themselves what it is like to make beautiful stuff with 'waste' or materials that have had a different use before.

Further we are connected to different ateliers/workshops/labs throughout different cities and villages. In the neighbourhoods preferably where many people live without a job, and who are quite capable of making stuff. These labs contribute to social cohesion (where people meet and make and take stuff to repair or to donate it for reuse) and more jobs (people who make stuff and who sell their work with a vendor point included). There's more to it... I'll elaborate later on.

All of this contributes to awareness of the circular economy and how it works. Hopefully people will throw away less, and use used materials for many new purposes.


Hi Nicole.
This is a real NBM idea.
We have some initiatives like that in Brazil and I think it´s great1

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