New Business Models – Working Together on Value Creation

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It is time to finalize your NBM!

You are almost at the end of this MOOC and therefore it is time to finalize your New Business Model. Before you write things down, check how your NBM touches upon the clover business model canvas. What principles are you using? How are you going to develop your community? What kind of values are you creating and what does your team look like?

Once you have done this check, try to rewrite your proposition and your model. Upload a text that describes your model to your journal, try to use around 100 words. Ask for feedback from your peers and do not forget to check out other submissions and give them feedback as well.

Since this will be your last round of feedback, before creating your final product make it count.

Final NBM WeReMake


WeReMake, a community dedicated to upcycling, where you can buy and sell Upcycled design, used materials, and find everything you need to know on upcyclng in a 100% sustainable way.

We do so by using an online platform, where people can start their own free webshop for upcycled design or used materials. Further, people are invited to share experiences and upload a DIY of their designs. A map shows where all new initiatives are.

Offline events include stories on what happens in the community, upcycling together with people in workshops, and sharing the message plus showing off upcycled design at maker faires. We aim to collaborate with different initiatives in neighborhoods to have a workshop/atelier/lab and upcycle together.

Further we are making new connections (social logistics) in developing new software (wasteapp). With these improvements designers find it easier to find and design with used materials, and more easily obtain the materials for assembling.

The value we create is:
- New business out of waste and design
- New jobs for people working in workshops
- People into making with their hands, investing in circular economy
- Social cohesion in neighbourhoods using WeReMake as a community
- More awareness on the value of used materials and people throwing away less


over 1 year ago is a video I made back in 2015 to thank for the grant I received in 2012, which enabled me to start with WeReMake (the CrowdBuildingSite back then).

about 1 year ago

Recycling DIY uploading is a great idea. is e-commerce site appearing impressive
Cool Idea Club is interesting idea

Great idea, wha is the profile of the customer community?

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