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Life and Death

In this chapter we look into life, death and trauma. These moments
in everybody’s life give cause to artists to delve into the core of
human existence and wonder about the human condition
Task 1
why don't you try to create an art work on theme Life and death:
once more try to take a picture , create a digital
collage or use your camera to record a theme- using a variety of
materials in order to be relevant to the Inter/relationship Among
Death, Identity And Creativity
Task 2
Like Piet Mondrian quote: "The purer the artist's mirror is, the more
true reality reflects in it." It involves letting die what is not your true
reflection, is getting back a truer reflection of yourself in your
Showcase an important moment in your life or some trauma that
you've experienced. For example: Everyone is frightened of
something and in this project you'll get a chance to bring that fear
to light and hopefully work towards facing it.

Death and Creativity


Death and Creativity
I've made another interactive digital art as the submission to the Life and Death theme. Follow the link below:
Death and Los Muertos


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This is so great!!

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Thank you, Michael! I'm glad you like it ^_^

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