28 Feb 2017, 01:02 AM
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Chapter 2 Journal Activity

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Chapter 2


A thousand year construction, Bronze age, Beaker culture, long period of use, midwinter alignment, ruddy great bovines roaming the place...all quite interesting. Unfortunately, I find it hard to picture ritual use (which no doubt evolved over time) at Stonehenge without images of modern 'reenactments' druidic festivals on the site, so ingrained they've become.

I wonder what's known of the original henge's use.


9 months ago

Hi Nick,
It was a regional cemetery overseen by the moon, though it had a few solar undertones.

8 months ago

Interesting. The videos, though, seemed to describe vastly more animal bones than human remains. What's the evidence for Stonehenge as regional cemetery rather than an incidental burial location?

8 months ago

Sorry, that should have said 'What's the evidence for the original henge as a regional cemetery rather than an incidental burial location?'

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