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10 Nov 2016, 07:08 AM

Value Proposition of The Association of Knowledge Management Practitioner (

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I am one of the core member of the Association and I am working with other members to formulate our Value Proposition (VP). Our association aim to promote Knowledge Management (KM) to the public and the society in order to initiate an awareness of the new way of thinking and doing things, and thus adaption of KM.

We believe a VP consists of 3 parts: the customer, their problem, and a promising solution to their problem. Since we have few target customers, I am showing some of our VPs below:

VP1 - for KM practitioners
Lead you the way to become a KM professional after your graduation by providing a platform which brings opportunities from the market, walk you through your lifelong learning journey, and offers different types of services, such as activities, social networking, continuous development, and practicing opportunities, etc.

VP2 - for buyers
There are 2 types of buyers, those who knows they have a problem and those who don’t. We can offer professional consultancy service to the first type, and help the second type to aware their problem. There are lots of values which could be realized and materialized by different KM tools and practices. Join us, and win a position in the market with the competitive edges enabled by KM.

VP3 - for KMP committee
There is very few KM title job out there in the market and I wonder am I well equipped for the challenge in the field, I believe KM is the future of new way of doing things and I want to give it a try. KMP helps to evaluate my skills and is the media to bring me the opportunities or business out there.

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