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Social housing: share your experience!

What are the criteria that your city or region follows to decide who is eligible to social housing?

Social Housing in the Europe

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Housing for everyone is crucial for social-economic development, creating and improving life quality for population. Social housing and social rented housing perform important roles for population in Europe, in particular low and middle income people. Projects focusing to improving population living condition and new building and housing construction are crucial for population. European Investment Bank and investors are necessary to finance and invest to populations building and housing in order to improve quality life of them.

Some criteria are using for social housing and flat squire for applicant can get:
-income thresholds,
-number of kids,
-points system.

By another side, European investors use quality criteria for building and houses, also promote population:

-Good building quality,
-Sound projects,
-Meet with building standards,
-Acceptable quality for tenants,
-Public transport development for buildings and houses,
-Close and comfortable location to works and school for population,
-Perspective creating sustainable neighbourhoods,
-Social affordable housing financing,

- Very locally grounded social housing provider in the city and in the regions,
-Solutions to squeeze in housing into very little available sites and plots to achieve a social mix, to integrate different households and populations in one neighbourhood,
-Motivate and commit to improving the conditions of housing for low- or lower-income households in the neighbourhoods.
Very well solution implemented in the Munich housing market. The mortgage loan is using in Mongolia to buy apartment in buildings for people. For that, people need to pay pre-payment (certain percentage of total cost for apartment) and secure their income to repay loan back to the bank.


about 1 year ago

Mongolia is not the EU country, so I wrote this exercise on theme "Social Housing in the Europe". Thank you.

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