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Let's Get Visual!

What Do Your Road Signs Towards a Digital Learning Strategy Look Like?

What 5 questions do you feel are the right ones to ask in order to address your needs?
What is important to consider in your company or corporate context?
Let's get visual and create a little drawing, image or graphic with 5 signs and questions you feel are necessary to address. Make sure to go through the additional materials first, then upload your visual "roadmap" to your journal.

enter image description here
Infographic by CommlabIndia

The Road Signs


1- What is the firms need: The need of the organization will have the first impact both on the tool and the training facility. As this can effect all the the worked which would be carried in the training.
2-The are the features that the tool has to offer. As this second step is linked with need of the organizations and firms. If it was possible to collect the most general needs of all and fabricate a tool which can hold theses needs together and have choices to add some features that might only need some then this can build for us a template which serve the needs .
3- Trial versions. I believe this always will be the case. As the virtual conditions must be tested by the users or the organizations prior to actual using by the end users. Therefore it would be great idea to offer this even in limited bases before actual training.
4- The budget will be always a factor that will effect training but it will not stop it, therefore we will need to work in a very fare margin during offering period of the program. Even in brake even margin to get the customer to the system.
5*- Compatibility* will have effect but I believe in these days the systems have features which can be operated in the most systems.

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