Corporate Digital Learning

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The challenges of Digital Training


The challenge in corporate business is mainly in providing the budget for the training. The problem was solved in my country by providing some money from the companies by ministry of labour and returning 80% of Training Budget by same Ministry to companies which provide training to local citizen. This system was called Levy System. But as the oil prices were dropped the government cancelled this.
Now the new digital training can provide a good solution to reduce cost and time associated with conventional training.
But the challenge would be in the following points:
 Feedback:.
 classification:
 Theory and practical training.
The challenges will also transfer to the stockholders with organisations.
 Primary customer
 Secondary customers
 Other stakeholders
The corporate firms would save money and time and the Trainers will have training in their own time frames. But the course design will be the important roll in making the system practical. The system should be compatible with mobile system for training reasons.

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