Corporate Digital Learning

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»I can say that my best experience with the Corporate Digital learning that it opens new horizon in learning process overall. As I have been a trainee with Iversity for the last 2 years I have …

My Story Part 2

Aircraft Engineer mohammed marhoon, 21 Apr 16

»The above course will contain the following programs . The content of each is listed below. The course will be 24 hours program can be divided in 3 to 6 days . Effective communication program …

Technical Supervisory skills Course

Aircraft Engineer mohammed marhoon, 23 Mar 16

»1- What is the firms need: The need of the organization will have the first impact both on the tool and the training facility. As this can effect all the the worked which would be carried in t…

The Road Signs

Aircraft Engineer mohammed marhoon, 20 Mar 16

»The challenge in corporate business is mainly in providing the budget for the training. The problem was solved in my country by providing some money from the companies by ministry of labour an…

The challenges of Digital Training

Aircraft Engineer mohammed marhoon, 08 Mar 16

»Corporate Digital learning will be a new field in corporate learning. But from my experience with corporate training the challenge would be to have the trainees prepared for this type of progr…

New field

Aircraft Engineer mohammed marhoon, 05 Mar 16