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Social housing: share your experience!

What are the criteria that your city or region follows to decide who is eligible to social housing?

Social housing in Finland


According to a 2017 study conducted by Pellervo Economic Research PTT people in Finland spend on average 27% of their income on housing. There are, however, big differences between areas and a person living in a studio apartment in Helsinki will spend an average of 37% of their income on housing expenses.

I was able to find some basic information about social housing on the web site of ARA. In Finland the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland, ARA, implements Finland's housing policy and they operate under the Ministry of Environment. ARA supports the improvement of housing conditions of people with low or average incomes and special-needs groups.

According to the Ministry of the Environment, starting next month, 1.3.2018, there will be no specific limits for people who live in such state supported housing on how much they can earn and still have the right to live there. Furthermore, no periodic checks on income will be done. When choosing residents, those with lower incomes will, however, have better access.

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