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Share your story - digital learning


Since I am working in ngo where there are just 7 of us, we don't use digital learning within organization. But nevertheless, I use it for my own purposes.

I have successfully completed several online courses important for my further professional but also personal development like From International Relations to Global Politics, Critical Thinking on Iversity but as well Basics of HR.

Also, I have been using Duolingo and Memrise for learning Italian, and after a month of every day at least one hour learning, I was able to speak and communicate on my trip to Italy.


Challenge I am facing is that in my environment there still is not enough understatement and appreciation for learning online and using that knowledge.


The best thing for me is that through different tools of digital learning I can acquire knowledge on other ways not available for me. Also, a big, huge benefit is possibility to learn by go, so I use my stuck in line for bills or in the traffic to study, I even bought a tablet and that was the main reason, so I can study on the go.


I can recommend to explore the net for the topics you are interested in, also check the sources and the credibility of the website and lecturers before you decide upon the course. Also, some of the platforms allow you to post your progress and certificate on LinkedIN, and that can only be a bonus.

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