Digital Marketing – Critical Success Factors

How to get through Social Media.


I don´t use any ad blocker, because I´m too interested in commercial and advertising. My interest is not to buy many things because of the adds, is more about how it works in your mind, when you see some stuff you are interested in, but don´t have the intention to buy it at the moment.

In the last weeks i observed myself whenIi was online or took the iphone to have a look on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

The only thing I found very annoying in the last weeks was the sponsored mails or commercials on Twitter. Twitter is for me a communication site, to text with people or only read and like their posts.

Of course the companies do some commercials on this platform too, but it disturbs me more than on Facebook or Instagram.

By the Way, what is Instagram really? A platform where I can post photos and some memories or is it a personal commercial platform for everyone? When I look through Instagram, the most Pics are about some stuff I should buy, Bloggers and Influencers who post their bodies, faces and more, to show how great the stuff works or not :-)

The interesting fact behind the scene is, how many followers of some Bloggers /Influencer are real and how many of them are fake.

For me the accounts who have less followers than the big ones are more interesting, because they interact sometimes with the followers, giving some answers about questions or only talk about their daily life in their Insta-Stories.

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