Why Do People Migrate? Part 1: Facts

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In 2014 there has been a pick in the number of children trying to cross the US-Mexico border. This has provoked heated debates on the relevance on a human rights framework when looking at migrations from South to North America.
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child migration


there has been an influx in the migration rate since 2014. children migration has increased as a result of children following their parents, and families into the united states of America. Studying the patterns of their parents migration history, to seek asylum and fleeing from violence and poverty. This influx has caused political problems between the parliamentarians; it has caused strain on the economy, on neighboring countries and it also affects the GDP . This humanitarian problem will take years to be corrected if a solution is not discovered. immigration is a challenging element to resolve as wars, struggles and poverty are on the rife. inflation, joblessness and economy instability are major cause. In some countries patriarchy works in some socialism does. A formula that is equal on all countries can not be applied to solve these major challenges.

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