Climate Change and Health

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What is climate change to you?

Say in few words what comes to your mind when you think about climate change? In other words, to you what is climate change associate with?
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The obvious and still hidden


When people talk about climate change, they most commonly associate it with the change of weather, melting ice caps, rising sea levels or maybe even the extinction of species. Although scientists are aware of the multitude of effects and the possibly catastrophal impact of climate change, individuals cannot list all the features that climate change entails.

Starting with the change in weather, rising temperatures and melting ice caps are certainly the most obvious effects. In addition, the changes lead to rising sea levels, changes in the sea water level and salt, extreme weather conditions e.g. storms and floods as well as draughts. These further entail hazards to human and environmental systems. Agriculture is influenced as are coral reefs or habitats that change due to the weather. Even starvation and migration of species including humans then seem a possible effect of climate change.

That changes in climate influence the human body can everyone experience on their own, so it seems not far-fetched that climate change and health are related. For instance, hot summers are the time of the year which result in most deaths for elderly people.

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