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Create a journal entry: Define your goals


Please note in your journal what drives you to take part in the online course Chinese Contemporary Art Award and what goals you want to achieve with the course.

China-a complicated [ersonality

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I travelled in SE Asia at the end of 2015, beginning of 2016-my retirement gift to self. Even in Hong Kong, I heard Chinese criticize other Chinese as pushy, ignorant, loud, selfish. I live next to Chinatown in my city. I know some Chinese friends. I met young Chinese-interested, curious, smart, fearful of pollution. I see how China and Thailand together can greedily destroy life along the Mekong Delta. I am curious. I watch subtitled films. I know there is no such think as absolute bad or good. I thought through art, I might see. I also love Au Wei. So, here I am. Curious and grateful you gav me this link though I am late joining! :)


over 2 years ago

Hi Maureen

You are welcome to do the course at anytime. I hope you enjoy the contents and please feel free to ask questions. They will still be responded to, only in a slower pace.

Best Regards

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