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»of course art can be propaganda of any sort but truth leaks out-the good, the noble, the sly and it is a fair medium. In my mind.


Maureen Walsh, 31 May 16

»First I have to correct the spelling of the name of the artist I said I loved. It's Ai WeiWei. Now, I can telly you that I grew up in Newfoundland and Labrador and it was small groups and smal…

art in my life

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Maureen Walsh, 31 May 16

»I travelled in SE Asia at the end of 2015, beginning of 2016-my retirement gift to self. Even in Hong Kong, I heard Chinese criticize other Chinese as pushy, ignorant, loud, selfish. I live ne…

China-a complicated [ersonality

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Maureen Walsh, 31 May 16