Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them': Integration and Diversity in Europe

Martina Zuliani
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»Well, I should maybe start by pointing out that I prefer the word inclusion over integration. I think that the majority society should be open and be ready to welcome differences, rather to tr…

What does integration means to me

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Martina Zuliani, 28 Jul 17

»I decided to speak in general, without focusing in a Country in particular, because I think that the criteria of belonging should be the same everywhere. To me, as far as a person speaks the l…

What does it means to me to belong to (insert Country name here)

Martina Zuliani, 28 Jul 17

»I'm an Italian who lives in Slovenia. I came here 4 years ago and I've become fluent in Slovene, which is pretty rare among migrants here. I just though, I want to study in Slovenia, I must le…

Am I Slovenian?

Martina Zuliani, 25 Jul 17