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Reflect Your Story, Part II! ☝

Reflecting the Story Once Again...



New Successes
Every finished MOOC is a kind of success for me - due to new input I got, new ideas from peers I saw and new glimpses of expertise and best practices I could pick up.

New Challenges:
Lots of them....
- One very personal challenge for me: Unfortunatly I've been born about 30 year too early. Looking on what we have today and how the future of learning will look like, I really hope the concept of reincarnation is existing ;-)
- I think our schools are not matching the needs of today and tomorrow - the need to prepare young women and men for life and work. There are some exceptions fortunately, but I think what we would need to have is a complete "STOP" and rethinking the idea of learning and development.
- The gap between people who want to change the world of working and learning and between the people who prefer to stick to the old rules and habits is getting larger and larger each second. What's so hard about it for me is that I see lots of people being exhausted and desenchanted about their working place, but without the power to change anything as long as the management doesn't agree to try new ways. Stuck state. But switching companies does not help as well, as it seems to be a kind of common state of being helpless today... so "old" and "new" thinking are colliding every day and people are suffering a lot.
- Still one of the most pressing questions for me: How do we engage people for the idea of learning, when they experienced learning just in the old way and as something annoying? Lots of jobs will change in the next years and people WILL HAVE to adapt and learn, but it's not on their wishlist for today...
- Last one: Learning online is just on its way to be accepted - with lots of MOOCs and courses being left by participants after one week. So how to proof as a participant that it wasn't about the enrollment only, but about actively contributing and participating till the end - and learning something? I think we need smart models and solutions for that situation!

New Learnings
- The backwards planning in a stringent way and and the Kirkpatrick evaluation model were new to me and are very helpful.

  • The outlooks into the future of learning were absolutely intriguing!! My most favorite part of this MOOC journey.

New Recommendations
While taking this course I read Bock's book "Work Rules!" about Google's HR practices and really loved it. They are not scared to question each and everything, try out new ideas, fail and adapt. I took a lot of ideas and approaches from this book and can highly recommend it to the HR folks. And I participated in a MOOC regarding "work 4.0" - a fantastic crowd of people with a broad outlook into our future. As learning and working will belong together in the future,

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over 2 years ago

Hey Martina,
Curious to check out the book. Sounds really good. And glad to read that you learned new things, had successes and felt inspired.

over 2 years ago

Hi Martina,
Thanks for the recommendations about the book and the MOOC. Who does the MOOC? Is it Iversity or someone else? (I found Hands On Industry 4.0 but it is in German, a little challenging for me).
If I can give one piece of advice, I would say: conduct small experiments in your work environment to make things change a little. You will give people a taste of how things can be different, and they will find the courage to do their own experiments. You'll be surprised what is possible!

over 2 years ago

Hi Jocelyn,
Thanks for your feedback and the hint!
The mentioned MOOC was a german format; 7 day in a row fully packed with content. Please find the link below in case you'd like to take a short glimpse. But it will be opended only for some days, then the platform will be closed. I saw the industry 4.0 course as well and enrolles, as I am curious to see and hear, how they will discuss the aspect of learning 4.0....

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