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Your Cover Story - The Future of Corporate Digital Learning

How do you imagine the future to look like?

With the gamestorming method "Cover Story" - explained here by Dave Gray - we would like you to envision and imagine your ideal future of corporate digital learning.

You can create your own magazine cover page, use the gamestorming image as inspiration, or come up with something completely different and new. Just show us your wildest dreams! Usually, this game is played collaboratively, but we want to put the focus on the discussions and comments after. So make sure to share your journal entry and have a look at other journals as well.
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This game is based on The Grove Consultants International’s Leaders Guide to Accompany the Cover Story Vision Graphic Guide® ©1996–2010 The Grove.

Ps: There is also an online version of Cover Story, you can play here.

Need some inspiration on how the future could look like?
Watch this video by The CGBros!

Our Bright New Future




Live and Learn - Learn and Live
How and why the two aspects joyfully belong together for all of your life!

- Do you remember the schoolbuildings, where kids had to sit down for hours, not moving or talking while listening to one person in front of the class? Today the schoolbuidlings are demolished to give space for community meet ups or transfered to other valuable functions.
- Do you remember the times when people had to be forced or to be offered incentives to learn because learning was a distraction from work? Today learning starts with the day of your birth and will never stop, supporting and displaying your talents and strengths and offering the way for a bright career in the fields you love the most!

- Learn how the L&D Tree supports and shows your personal learning and development journey
- Learn what the job as a "teacher" looked like 30 years ago and how it transformed to today's role as mentors and learning peers

- "Learning disturbs me from doing my work"
- "Going to school and doing a study in one field has to be enough of learning for the rest of my life"
Traditional quotes from past days, refusing the learning society

- role of teachers switching to role of mentors
- learning journey has to be displayed somewhere as orientation for career
- people can see learning journeys from all others as well to share, copy and support

Images of groups of mixed ages learning together outside, images of a learning tree, images of platforms in the internet showing learning journeys as inspiration for others

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