Corporate Digital Learning

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Share Your Story! ☝

My (corporate) digital learning experiences


I found several courses that I consider valuable for me. I already finished one of the courses on iversity. I also have a subscription on and have learned a lot from the videotrainings on that site.

Finding the time to study the courses. Finding ways to document what I have learned in the courses and proof this knowledge. Finding ways to apply some of the more abstract concepts in everyday business.

I acquired especially in the technology video trainings deeper understanding of the programming technologies with which I work.
I also learned some business basics from videos in MOOCs or on YouTube.

Take a look at many different platforms like,, (German), . Then choose the courses you could be interested in. After that skip through the content and see if it is structured in a good way and suitable for your needs. Finally enroll in the courses and if offered try to meet the requirements to get a free certificate
that proofs your participation in the course.
I also try to save the most important PDF files and resources in the course to a local folder in case the course should in the future not be available on the internet anymore.

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