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My interest for China and Asia in general has grown over the years: politically, culturally, visually...
As an artist and art professor, I'm hoping to develop my understanding of contemporary art in China (and the contemporary Chinese art scene) in regards of history, politics and the cultural heritage of the country.
I hope I'll be able to share what I have learn with my students and hopefully develop collaborative projects between Europe and China.


over 2 years ago

Dear Marie, I would like to hear more about your ideas on collaborative projects between Europe and China. Do you have any plans with your students right now? Or is this more of a personal project idea?

The concept of this exhibition currently running in HK might interest you:
It is open until 24 April and is called "Hack Space" at the K11 Art Foundation Pop-up Space.

"The exhibition ist curated bei Amira Gad and Hans Ulrich Obrist, it "takes at its core the theme of hacking space – the idea that place, territory and infrastructure can be radically adapted in unorthodox ways to solve problems. Through an unconventional organisational, social and spatial arrangement, the hacker-like “Shan Zhai” principle is an underlying link between the exhibited works in HACK SPACE."

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