Decent Work in Global Supply Chains

Mariana Ruiz Alvarado
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»An example is the cooperation of apparel MNC operating in Cambodia and IndustriALL. They sent a letter dated 18 September 2014 to the government of Cambodia and the Garment Manufacturers Assoc…

Chapter 6.4 Supply chain bargaining: the example of the ACT Initiative

Mariana Ruiz Alvarado, 22 Feb 17

»In some countries, such as in Turkey, migrant workers are not allowed to unionize. If they do, workers are dismissed with the attendant risk of losing their residence permit and having to retu…

Chapter 6.2 Workers' strategies in a global economy

Mariana Ruiz Alvarado, 22 Feb 17

»Industry-wide bargaining are expected to bring benefits to workers who see their rights and working conditions improved; for governments who benefit from the development that is brought about …

Chapter 6.3 Bargaining for living wages and the role of TNCs

Mariana Ruiz Alvarado, 22 Feb 17

»I have selected the case IHC CALAND (Burma) V FNV and CNV. In July 2001, two Dutch unions (FNV and CNV) requested the Dutch NCP t…

Chapter 5.3 The OECD Guidelines on Multinational Enterprises

Mariana Ruiz Alvarado, 12 Feb 17

»In my opinion CSR should firstly concentrate on avoiding impacts emanating from the company's activities. This includes of course working conditions of the workforce (be it direct employees or…

Chapter 5.1 CSR and Private Governance

Mariana Ruiz Alvarado, 12 Feb 17

»In Luxembourg we have very limited cases of home-work due to the type of sectors and industries present, the size of the country (0.5 million inhabitants) and the regulations in place (e.g. Ub…

Chapter 4.4 Homeworkers in GSC

Mariana Ruiz Alvarado, 03 Feb 17

»Ms Burrow from ITUC says that responsibility is outsourced in GSC indicating that by subcontracting the acquisition of certain services and supplies, the TNC are passing on responsibility on t…

Chapter 4.3 The realities of Work on GSC

Mariana Ruiz Alvarado, 03 Feb 17

»Employment fragmentation can make it more difficult or in some cases imposible to have due union representation to part of the workforce or to the full workforce. For example, when national le…

Chapter 4.2 The fragmentation of labour

Mariana Ruiz Alvarado, 03 Feb 17

»"Contested Terrain" with regard to employment refers to the conflicts that emerge regarding employment practices between workers and managers. Workers key interests (e.g. job content, type of …

Chapter 4.1 TNCs and labour: the contested terrain

Mariana Ruiz Alvarado, 03 Feb 17

»Unions have actively participated in the drafting of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, which are recommendations addressed by governments to multinational enterprises operatin…

Chapter 3.3 Forced and Child Labour in GSC

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Mariana Ruiz Alvarado, 28 Jan 17

»11 September 2012 a large fire at a garment factory in Pakistan killed 259 workers, and other 55 were injured. Just weeks before the fire, the company had received a SA8000 certificate declari…

Discussion: ILO and the Liability of Buyers

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Mariana Ruiz Alvarado, 28 Jan 17

»South-South trade agreements are not necessarily bringing sufficient economic opportunities to some of the counterpart. For example, it is very common to see partnerships between African count…

Chapter 2.4 Trade and development in Africa

Mariana Ruiz Alvarado, 25 Jan 17