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Chapter 1 Journal Activity

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Is Stonehenge just a set of stones ?

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I was not aware of the other archaeological sites near Stonehenge, clearly there is something unique about the landscape there . You could say Stonehenge is just the tip of the iceberg and should be seen in a larger context.


almost 2 years ago

Hi Maria

Yep, Stonehenge sits at the center of an enormous landscape of sites -- many of which are far older than the Pile of Rocks.
A vast necropolis, all 200+ barrows within a mile or more radius are oriented with clear sightlines to it, with henges, causewayed enclosures, excarnation stands, in addition to one or two ridiculously ancient campsites and trading venues scattered throughout the area.
You cannot throw a rock without hitting something that's very old.

It is, arguably, the most important Neolithic landscape on earth, and must remain intact.


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