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CAP is not enough


Being beyond the agriculture, because the rural communities are much more than just harvesting the grain or working at the field, but the painful truth is that due to the inequality of our farmers, taxation policy, historic reasons the farms are closing down, mostly because the work is not profitable, it is empty. The countryside is extincting and this is the reality of the Estonia, which makes the sustainability of life very questionable. Unfortunately CAP has not reached to us. We see the landscape producing nothing with the empty households. Melting is a keyword here, the networking and linking, in which the immaterial skills are valued and highlighted. We need to create the demand for production. The concept "Estonia as a designed brand" works really well here, specially if we can found a channels to sell for our high-designed handicraft, because the soul of our nation has been knitted into the patterns and we do share the archaic skills, which are creating the added-value. Through this we can promote anything and everything we would like, the rural tour routes, the festivities on the countrysides, the ecological production, Varbola Historic Theme Park for instance, which is an idea, etc.. I´m talking on a shop on abroad, which is more than just an ordinary shop.

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