New Business Models – Working Together on Value Creation

Municiple Networking Lounges


I believe the feeling of 'Being Connected' is fundamental to peace and prosperity. Being connected to a community of like minded people validates and strengthens one's mission in life. For those who have no family, community, job or passion, Municiple Networking Lounges would provide a space for people needing a human connection. Even for those with a family, job, etc. it would be a space to be in the company of others.

We have been separated by the luxury and ease of our mobile communications, that which makes the new NBM. Human interaction will help stabilize and enhance the quality of life in cities, suburban neighborhoods as well as rural areas.

Municipalities or sponsering businesses would provide a 'Starbuck's' model of a public space to meet and socialize. Volunteering your aptitudes and experiences as well as getting advice or simply conversing. There could be ongoing work shops, chat sessions, venting sessions etc.

What do you think? Would you go and hang out.

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