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Chapter 1 Journal Activity

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Journal Activity - Chapter 1 McRoberts


Well I am puzzled. I did a journal when I finished chapter one but it must not of counted.

So what did I think of Chapter 1. I think the most interesting thing was the age of the standing stones (Stone Hedge). I had always assume they were around the same age as the pyramids, not soo much older. As well as the statutes on Easter Island. Which are relativity the same age as the pyramids.

Also the large span of time it took to build Stone Hedge. How did the guys a 1000 years later know what when and where to put things once they got them to the site? Or for that fact what to go get. Were they just making it up as it they went. Was the general directive verbally passed down through generations? If so who was in charge of it? With so many Standing Stone circles around Great Britain was this done to establish a territory? Did they do this a right of passage. Ignoring all the logistics of how did they move them and why. I am wondering more about how this was communicated, was it a copy cat event which lead to other standing stones being built. Was their a competition to have the best set of standing stones?

I also find it interesting that to my knowledge Great Britain and Ireland are the only location for the standing stones. This was not duplicated anywhere else around the world. Unlike the burial mounds which my first journal entry was written on. ( and posted)

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